Here are reasons for people to file a 2019 tax return

Here are reasons for people to file a 2019 tax return

While many people are required to file a tax return. It’s a good idea for everyone to determine if they should file. Some people with low income are not required to file, but will need to do so if they can get a tax refund.

Five tips for taxpayers who are deciding whether to file a tax return:

Find out the general reasons to file.

In most cases, income, filing status and age determine if a taxpayer must file a tax return. Other rules apply if the taxpayer is self-employed or can be claimed as a dependent of someone else.

Look at tax withheld or paid.

Here are a few questions for taxpayers.

*Did the taxpayer’s employer withhold federal income tax from their pay?

*Did taxpayer make estimated tax payments?

*Did taxpayer overpay last year and have it applied to this year’s tax?

If the answer is “yes” and the taxpayer could be due a refund they must file a tax return to get their money.

Look into whether they can claim the earned income tax credit.

A working taxpayer who earned less than $55,592 last year could receive the EITC as a tax refund. They must qualify and may do so with or without a qualifying child.

Child tax credit for other dependents

Taxpayers can claim the child tax credit if they have a qualifying child under the age of 17 and meet other qualifications.

Education Credits

There are two higher education credits that reduce the amount of tax someone owes on their tax return. One is the American opportunity tax credit and the other is the lifetime learning credit. The taxpayer, their spouse, or their dependent must have  been a student enrolled at least half time