Take care when choosing a tax return professional

Carefully choosing a tax professional to prepare a tax return is vital to ensuring your personal and   financial information is safe and secure and treated with care. Another reason to choose a tax preparer carefully is because taxpayers are ultimately legally responsible for all the information on their income tax return, regardless of who prepares it.
Here are a few other tips to consider when choosing a tax return preparer:
Look for a preparer who’s available year-round. If questions come up about a tax return, taxpayers may need to contact the preparer after the filing season is over. Provide records and receipts.
Understand the preparer’s credentials and qualifications. Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled
Agents can represent any client before the IRS in any situation. Never sign a blank or incomplete return.
Review the tax return before signing it. Be sure to ask questions if something is not clear or
appears inaccurate. Any refund should go directly to the taxpayer – not into the preparer’s
bank account. Review the routing and bank account number on the completed return and
make sure it’s accurate.